Pre-Registration Guidelines

The following types of domains will ultimately be rejected for purchase at General Availability. You may not pre-register the following types of domains with Get New TLDs Inc.

Geographic Names

Pre-registrations for Geographic Names are not permitted on the Get New TLDs Inc. pre-registration platform at located A geographic name is a name representing a geographic area. For example, 'UnitedStates', 'Virginia', or 'Kenya' are geographic names.

Trademarked Names

Pre-registrations for trademarked names are not permitted by anyone except the owner of the trademark or an authorized representative.

Name Collissions

ICANN has released a list of names that cannot be sold within new TLDs. These names are different for each new TLD. Get New TLDs Inc. will be unable to complete any purchase request for a name on the names collussion list for each new TLD.

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