12,135 Comments and Counting

May 13, 2013 - ICANN has created a public comments form to allow the general public to place comments on any TLD that was applied for in the recent TLD application round. As of May 6, 2013, 12,135 comments have been submited. ICANN staff were required to review comments placed before September 26, 2012 as part of the Initial Evaluation phase. However, ICANN has left the comment board open and may, at its discretion, review comments submitted about an application during the Initial Evaluation phase, which is ongoing.

Comments are a mixed bag of affirmations of community support, objections to geographic strings, objections to specific strings on moral grounds and objections based on consumer confusion.

Surprisingly, neither .sex nor .adult took the top spot in terms of the number of comments placed. It was, of all things, .patagonia that garnered the most comments on ICANN's comment board. Most of the comments placed about .patagonia were suspiciously similar - in fact, the wording for most comments was identical - which may mean that the same individual or groups placed many of those identical comments. As expected, .sex, .porn, and .adult were in the top ten most commented TLDs.

ICANN has not stated when the comments board will be closed for new comments, but it is likely to remain open throughout the Initial Evaluation phase.

Top Ten Strings by # of Public Comments Received

TLD String # of Comments
ART 553
SEX 283
PORN 256
政务 202
GAY 135
MAIL 125
APP 124

For every comment placed on this public comment form, the user was required to select a string about which the comment was being made. The table above shows the top ten strings by number of comments.

Most Frequent Type of Comment

Grounds/Panel # of Comments
Registry Services Evaluation Panel 2932
String Similarity Evaluation Panel 2098
Background Screening 1487
Community Evaluation Panel 1214
Limited Public Interest Objection Ground 1046
Community Objection Ground 910
Other 527
Geographic Names Evaluation Panel 492
Financial Capability Evaluation Panel 403
Technical & Operational Capability Evaluation Panel 392
Legal Rights Objection Ground 324
String Confusion Objection Ground 182
DNS Stability Evaluation Panel 127

For every comment, the user was required to select the grounds/panel that the comment applied to. The table above shows the breakdown across all comments.

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