Fifteen New TLDs Launch This Week

April 14, 2014 - Fifteen TLDs are scheduled to launch this week: .photo, .buzz, .guitars, .link, .pics, .gift, .holiday, .marketing, .onl, .pink, .red, .kim, .shiksha .blue and .移动 (mobile in Chinese).

Fifteen is the greatest number of new TLDs to launch in one week since the new TLD program began.

TLD General Availability Start Date Price Per Year
.PHOTO 4/13/2014 29.99
.BUZZ 4/15/2014 37.99
.GUITARS 4/15/2014 29.99
.LINK 4/15/2014 9.99
.PICS 4/15/2014 19.99
.GIFT 4/15/2014 19.99
.HOLIDAY 4/16/2014 59.99
.MARKETING 4/16/2014 34.99
.ONL 4/17/2014 14.99
.PINK 4/17/2014 16.99
.RED 4/17/2014 16.99
.KIM 4/17/2014 16.99
.SHIKSHA 4/17/2014 16.99
.BLUE 4/17/2014 16.99
.移动 (mobile in Chinese) 4/17/2014 16.99

If you have already submitted a free pre-registration, confirm your order today by providing payment. You will receive a full refund for any pre-registrations that do not result in an actual registration. A paid pre-registration request does not guarantee registration. When domains in each new TLD go on sale, Get New TLDs Inc. will attempt to purchase confirmed pre-registrations.

Here's how to confirm your order

  1.  Login to your account at
  2.  Click on the 'My Pre-Registrations'
  3.  Select your domains and click 'Order Domains'.
  4.  Check out using your preferred payment method.

For a full list of scheduled TLD launches, view our launch calendar.

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