.NYC and .Desi

10/03/2014 - Two new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are scheduled to begin selling domain names to the general public next week. The .Desi TLD will go to general availability on October 6 and the .NYC TLD will go to general availability on October 8.

Top Level Domain is the text to the right of the final "." in a domain name. For example, the most popular TLD today is the .COM TLD.

.Desi and .NYC are the latest in a series of new TLD launches which started in February and are expected to continue into 2015. New TLDs including .buzz, .guru and .ventures have already launched while others, such as .shop and .web, have not yet announced a planned launch date. The new TLDs launching this year and next are a result of the 2012 application round for new TLDs. In 2012, ICANN held its first open application process, inviting organizations to apply for an any Top Level Domain of their choice. Over 1,900 organizations applied to create new Top Level domains.

TLD General Availability Start Date Price Per Year
.desi Monday, 10/6/2014 $19.99
.nyc Wednesday, 10/8/2014 $59.99

For a full list of scheduled TLD General Availability and Sunrise dates, view our new TLD launch calendar.

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