Featured TLDs: .Army, .Navy and .Airforce

10/16/2014 - A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the text to the right of the final dot in a domain name.  For example, the .com TLD is the most popular TLD today.  Prior to 2014, there were just 23 generic TLDs - like .Com and .Biz.  This year, hundreds of new TLDs are expected to begin selling domains to the general public.  So far this year alone, more than 400 new generic TLDs have launched, including new TLDs like .Email, .Link and .XYZ.

DotAnything.co is running a 10-week series featuring different selected new TLDs every week. This week's featured TLDs are the .Army, .Navy and .Airforce TLDs, which are scheduled to go to General Availability next Wednesday, October 22, 2014. United TLD applied for a total of 26 new Top Level Domains in the 2012 application round, including TLDs like .green and .engineer. Among the 26 new TLD applications filed by United TLD Holdco were .Army, .Navy and .Airforce. We reached out to Claire Carroll, Director of Marketing for Rightside Registry, based in Dublin, Ireland, for her thoughts on the .Army, .Navy and .Airforce TLDs.

Will United TLD take any extra precautions to prevent misuse of the .Navy, .Airforce, or .Army namespace?
Rightside Registry, which is the brand name for United TLD Holdco Ltd. owned and operated TLDs, has developed and implemented robust compliance guidelines and procedures, which we’ll employ for the military-related TLDs just as we have for all the others in our portfolio.

Have any countries or organizations expressed interest in a .Navy, .Airforce, or .Army domain name?
We’ve only just opened them up for pre-registration as of Oct. 15, so it’s early days, but we’re hopeful that many countries and organizations will find the new domains both relevant and memorable as compared to traditional options.

In what way do you feel that the .Army, Airforce, and .Navy names are unique from typical generic terms?
We think the combination of relevance on the right side of the dot and availability on the left side gives organizations and individuals amazing new opportunities to express themselves and be more easily found online. We anticipate that current members of the armed forces and veterans’ advocacy groups will be the most likely early adopters. We see this as a global opportunity given how commonly these terms are used in regard to many nations’ armed forces. We are simultaneously launching .VET, which we think will also appeal to veterans in many countries around the world.

How do you plan to market the .Navy, .Airforce, and .Army TLDs?
We’ll be driving awareness in part through social media, bringing the availability of these new domains to the attention of online communities devoted to veterans and members of the military. We’ll also be working with our extensive network of resellers and registrar partners to raise awareness and drive adoption across their customer bases. Advertising will center on search and other targeted online media.

The .Army, .Navy and .Airforce TLDs are currently in the Landrush phase. These TLDs are scheduled to go to General Availability on Wednesday, October 22.

TLD General Availability Start Date Price Per Year
.Army Wednesday, 10/22/2014 $29.99
.Navy Wednesday, 10/22/2014 $29.99
.Airforce Wednesday, 10/22/2014 $29.99

For a full list of scheduled TLD General Availability and Sunrise dates, view our new TLD launch calendar.

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