Eighth Round of TLD Approvals Released

May 13, 2013 - ICANN released the eighth round of Top Level Domain (TLD) evaluation results, bringing the total number of TLD applications to pass the Initial Evaluation phase to 300.

In 2012, ICANN accepted applications for new Top Level Domains. Over 1,900 applications for new TLDs such as .WEB, .SHOP, .BMW, and .CAR were filed. ICANN is expected to review all 1,900 applications by August of this year, starting in batches of 30 per week and increasing to over 100 per week.

Below are the applicants that were evaluated in this evaluation round.

dot aig tld
dot airforce gtld
dot art tld
dot axa tld
dot baby namespace (gtld)
dot basketball tld
dot bid tld
dot business gtld
dot bzh gtld
dot cal gtld
dot center tld
dot ceo tld
dot cisco gtld
dot mobily in arabic
dot cloud tld
dot coach tld
dot codes gtld
dot contractors gtld
dot cpa tld
dot dell gtld
dot diet tld
dot docomo
dot duns gtld
dot durban gtld passes ie
dot esurance tld
dot film tld passes initial evaluation
dot forex tld
dot goo tld
dot got tld
dot guide tld
dot hgtv
dot hotels gtld
dot itau tld
dot mattel tld
dot mcd tld
dot mcdonalds tld
dot melbourne gtld
dot mobile tld
dot mobily tld
dot monash tld
dot nowtv tld
dot onl tld
dot paris tld
dot passagens
dot plumbing
dot poker tld
dot property global top level domain
dot red gtld
dot silk tld
dot study tld
dot talk gtld
dot travelguard gtld info
dot webcam gtld
dot weibo tld


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