Five More TLDs were Added to the Internet

In 2012, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers, accepted applications to create new Top Level Domains (TLDs). A TLD is the text to the right of the final dot in a domain name. For example, .Com is the most popular TLD today. 1,930 applications for new TLDs were filed with ICANN as a result of the 2012 application round.  Since then, ICANN has been evaluating the new TLD applications.   Five more TLDs were delegated - or aded - to the Internet last week.

February 23, 2014 - A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the text to the right of the final dot in a domain name. For example, .Com is the most popular TLD today. In 2012, ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - held a historic application round inviting organizations from around the world to apply to create new TLDs. 1,930 applications for new TLDs were filed. Since that time, each application has undergone a rigorous evaluation process which included evaluation of the string itself as well as the applicant's technical capacity and financial capability for operating a new TLD.  It is expected that over 700 new TLDs will result from this process (many of the TLDs were duplicates).

After the application process is complete, each prospective registry operator must sign a contract - known as a Registry Agreement - with ICANN before the new TLD can be added to the Internet.

This week, five more TLDs have been delegated - or added - to the Internet.  After a TLD is delegated, the Registry Operator will undergo a ramp-up period before domains in the TLD become available to the general public.  The length of the ramp-up period varies.  For example, the .ventures TLD was delegated in November, and domains within the .ventures went to General Availability in February.  However, other TLDs were delegated in October and have not yet announced General Availability dates.  In the past, the typical ramp-up period was six months.

The application review process conducted by ICANN is a very thorough, time-consuming process. The application process consists - at a high level - of the steps below:

The table below provides a list of all all of the TLDs that have been delegated to date.

Date TLD DelegatedTLDRegistry Operator
21-Feb-14.FISHFox Woods, LLC (xn―cg4bki) – Korean for "Samsung/Samseong"Samsung SDS Co., LTD
21-Feb-14.VACATIONSAtomic Tigers, LLC
21-Feb-14.INDUSTRIESOuter House, LLC
21-Feb-14.SUPPLYHalf Falls, LLC
19-Feb-14.WIKITop Level Design, LLC
19-Feb-14.NEUSTARNeuStar, Inc,
18-Feb-14.بازار (xn--mgbab2bd) – Arabic for "bazaar/bazar"CORE Association
16-Feb-14.MANGOPunto FA S.L.
12-Feb-14.QPONdotCOOL, Inc.
11-Feb-14.CARDSFoggy Hollow, LLC
11-Feb-14.FOUNDATIONJohn Dale, LLC
11-Feb-14.REVIEWSUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.
11-Feb-14.FUTBOLUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.
11-Feb-14.VISIONKoko Station, LLC
11-Feb-14.CONDOSPine House, LLC
11-Feb-14.VILLASKoko Station, LLC
11-Feb-14.PARTSSea Goodbye, LLC
11-Feb-14.PRODUCTIONSMagic Birch, LLC
11-Feb-14.MAISONVictor Frostbite, LLC
5-Feb-14. 移动 (xn--6frz82g) – Chinese for "mobile"Afilias Limited
5-Feb-14.BLUEAfilias Limited
4-Feb-14.FLIGHTSFox Station, LLC
4-Feb-14.CLEANINGFox Shadow, LLC
4-Feb-14.REPORTBinky Glen, LLC
4-Feb-14.EVENTSPioneer Maple, LLC
4-Feb-14.CRUISESSpring Way, LLC
4-Feb-14.RENTALSBig Hollow, LLC
4-Feb-14.PARTNERSMagic Glen, LLC
4-Feb-14.PROPERTIESBig Pass, LLC
4-Feb-14.CATERINGNew Falls, LLC
4-Feb-14.EXPOSEDVictor Beach, LLC
29-Jan-14.VOTINGValuetainment, Corp.
29-Jan-14.TOKYOGMO Registry, Inc.
29-Jan-14.NAGOYAGMO Registry, Inc.
27-Jan-14.DATINGPine Fest, LLC
27-Jan-14.COMMUNITYFox Orchard, LLC
23-Jan-14.BOUTIQUEOver Galley, LLC
23-Jan-14.BARGAINSHalf Hallow, LLC
23-Jan-14.TIENDAVictor Manor, LLC
23-Jan-14.WORKSLittle Dynamite, LLC
23-Jan-14.WEDAtgron, Inc.
23-Jan-14.EXPERTMagic Pass, LLC
23-Jan-14.WATCHSand Shadow, LLC
23-Jan-14.KIMAfilias Limited
23-Jan-14.COOLKoko Lake, LLC
23-Jan-14.TOOLSPioneer North, LLC
18-Jan-14.CLUB.Club Domains, LLC
18-Jan-14.BUILDPlan Bee, LLC
18-Jan-14.PICSUniregistry, Corp.
18-Jan-14.PINKAfilias Limited
18-Jan-14.LUXURYLuxury Partners, LLC
18-Jan-14.PHOTOUniregistry, Corp.
18-Jan-14.GIFTUniregistry, Corp. (xn--io0a7i) – Chinese for "network"Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China Internet Information Center) (xn--55qx5d) – Chinese for "company"Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China Internet Information Center)
18-Jan-14.MONASHMonash University
18-Jan-14.RICHI-REGISTRY Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland
18-Jan-14.REDAfilias Limited
18-Jan-14.SHIKSHAAfilias Limited (xn--fiq64b) – Chinese for "CITIC"CITIC Group Corporation
18-Jan-14.LINKUniregistry, Corp.
18-Jan-14.GUITARSUniregistry, Corp.
14-Jan-14.ZONEOuter Falls, LLC
14-Jan-14.CHEAPSand Cover, LLC
14-Jan-14.MARKETINGFern pass, LLC
14-Jan-14.DEMOCRATUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
14-Jan-14.SOCIALUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
14-Jan-14.AGENCYSteel Falls, LLC
14-Jan-14.MODAUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
14-Jan-14.DANCEUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
8-Jan-14.BERLINdotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG
3-Jan-14集团 (xn--3bst00m) – Chinese for "group"Eagle Horizon Limited
3-Jan-14我爱你 (xn--6qq986b3xl) – Chinese for "I love you"Tycoon Treasure Limited
3-Jan-14中文网 (xn--fiq228c5hs) – Chinese for "Chinese network"TLD Registry Limited
3-Jan-14.WANGZodiac Leo Limited
3-Jan-14.KIWIDot Kiwi Limited GmbH
2-Jan-14.EMAILSpring Madison, LLC
2-Jan-14.IMMOBILIENUnited TLD Holdco Ltd. (xn--3ds443g) – Chinese for "online"TLD Registry Limited
28-Dec-13.INSTITUTEOuter Maple, LLC
28-Dec-13.CEOCEOTLD Pty Ltd
28-Dec-13.SOLARRuby Town, LLC
28-Dec-13.FARMJust Maple, LLC
28-Dec-13.EDUCATIONBrice Way, LLC
28-Dec-13.GLASSBlack Cover, LLC
28-Dec-13.ONLI-REGISTRY Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland
28-Dec-13.CODESPuff Willow, LLC
28-Dec-13.TRAININGWild Willow, LLC
28-Dec-13.HOUSESugar Park, LLC
28-Dec-13.KAUFENUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
28-Dec-13.NINJAUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
28-Dec-13.REPAIRLone Sunset, LLC
28-Dec-13.BUILDERSAtomic Madison, LLC
28-Dec-13.COFFEETrixy Cover, LLC
28-Dec-13.FLORISTHalf Cypress, LLC
28-Dec-13.HOLIDAYGoose Woods, LLC
28-Dec-13.SOLUTIONSSilver Cover, LLC
18-Dec-13.BUZZdotStrategy Co.
18-Dec-13.SUPPORTGrand Orchard, LLC
17-Dec-13.RECIPESGrand Island, LLC
17-Dec-13.COMPUTERPine Mill, LLC
17-Dec-13.ACADEMYHalf Oaks, LLC
17-Dec-13.CAREERSWild Corner, LLC
17-Dec-13.CABHalf Sunset, LLC
17-Dec-13公益 (xn--55qw42g) – Chinese for "charity"China Organizational Name Administration Center
17-Dec-13政务 (xn--zfr164b) – Chinese for "government"China Organizational Name Administration Center
17-Dec-13.SYSTEMSDash Cypress, LLC
17-Dec-13.DOMAINSSugar Cross, LLC
17-Dec-13.VIAJESBlack Madison, LLC
17-Dec-13.COMPANYSilver Avenue, LLC
17-Dec-13.CAMPDelta Dynamite, LLC
17-Dec-13.LIMOHidden Frostbite, LLC
17-Dec-13.MANAGEMENTJohn Goodbye, LLC
17-Dec-13.PHOTOSSea Corner, LLC
17-Dec-13.SHOESBinky Galley, LLC
17-Dec-13.CENTERTin Mill, LLC
10-Dec-13.RUHRRegiodot GmbH & Co. KG
30-Nov-13.MENUWedding TLD2, LLC
30-Nov-13.UNODot Latin, LLC
23-Nov-13みんな (xn--q9jyb4c) - Japanese for "everyone"Charleston Road Registry, Inc.
19-Nov-13.diamondsJohn Edge, LLC
19-Nov-13.tipsCorn Willow, LLC
19-Nov-13.photographySugar Glen, LLC
19-Nov-13.directoryExtra Madison, LLC
19-Nov-13.enterprisesSnow Oaks, LLC
19-Nov-13.kitchenJust Goodbye, LLC
19-Nov-13.todayPearl Woods, LLC
14-Nov-13.plumbingSpring Tigers, LLC
14-Nov-13.graphicsOver Madison, LLC
14-Nov-13.contractorsMagic Woods, LLC
14-Nov-13.gallerySugar House, LLC
14-Nov-13.sexyUniregistry, Corp.
14-Nov-13.constructionFox Dynamite, LLC
14-Nov-13.tattooUniregistry, Corp.
14-Nov-13.technologyAuburn Falls
14-Nov-13.estateTrixy Park, LLC
14-Nov-13.landPine Moon, LLC
14-Nov-13.bikeGrand Hollow, LLC
6-Nov-13.VENTURESBinky Lake, LLC
6-Nov-13.CAMERAAtomic Maple, LLC.
6-Nov-13.CLOTHINGSteel Lake, LLC
6-Nov-13.LIGHTINGJohn McCook, LLC
6-Nov-13.SINGLESFern Madison, LLC
6-Nov-13.VOYAGERuby House, LLC
6-Nov-13.GURUPioneer Cypress, LLC
6-Nov-13.HOLDINGSJohn Madison, LLC
6-Nov-13.EQUIPMENTCorn Station, LLC
23-Oct-13شبكة (xn--ngbc5azd) – Arabic for "web/network"International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd.
23-Oct-13онлайн (xn--80asehdb) – Russian for "online"CORE Association
23-Oct-13сайт (xn--80aswg) – Russian for "site"CORE Association
23-Oct-13游戏(xn--unup4y) – Chinese for "game(s)"Spring Fields, LLC

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