Legal Rights Objection Status

October 9, 2013 - In 2012, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, accepted applications from companies seeking to create new Top Level Domains (TLDs). A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the text to the right of the final dot in a domain name. For example, .COM is the most popular TLD today.

1930 applications for new TLDs were filed. Applications were filed for branded TLDs, such as .Hilton and .GAP, for generic TLDs, such as .Shop and .Club, for Community TLDs, such as .islam and .pars, for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) such as сайт and . بازار, and for Geographic TLDs such as .London.

Although applications were filed in 2012, the first new TLDs are not expected to launch until 2014. That's because each application for a new TLD must pass a rigorous evaluation process, which includes the following steps:

  1. Administrative Completeness Check – During this phase, ICANN confirmed that all applicants had filled in all required questions and paid all required fees.
  2. Initial Evaluation – During the Initial Evaluation phase, ICANN evaluated every application for financial capability to operate a TLD, technical capacity to operate a TLD, and also evaluated the string itself for stability and operational issues.
  3. Extended Evaluation - The Extended Evaluation phase was only necessary if ICANN required additional time to fully evaluate an applicant or if the applicant failed to pass the Initial Evaluation phase.
  4. Dispute Resolution - Disputes may be filed against an application for a new TLD on four grounds: Legal Rights, Community Objection, Limited Public Interest, String Confusion. ICANN’s Independent Objector may also file a dispute against an applicant.
  5. Contracting – After the applicant has passed through all prior steps in the application process, and any string contention disputes have been resolved, the applicant may be invited to the contracting phase of the Application Process.
  6. Pre-Delegation Testing – Pre-delegation testing may run concurrent with Contracting negotiations
  7. Delegation into the Root Zone – After the Applicant has signed a contract with ICANN, the applicant may request delegation into the Root Zone.
  8. Ramp-up – After the Applicant’s string has been delegated into the Root Zone, the applicant may begin to build up and test the technical infrastructure required to operate a TLD.
  9. Sunrise – The Sunrise phase usually consists of a 30-day period during which Trademark holders may purchase domain names within a given TLD followed by a 30-60 day Landrush Phase during which interested parties may request to purchase a domain name within the given TLD. During the Landrush period, in the event that two parties wish to purchase the same domain name, a bidding process us usually held for the domain name in contention.
  10. General Availability – Domain names are sold to the general public.

Current Status of Legal Rights Objections

During the Dispute Resolution phase of the ICANN application process for new TLDs, objections could be filed against any application for a new TLD. The Objection Filing stage closed earlier this year, so at this point, no new objections can be filed.

Objections were permitted on the basis of four objection grounds from objectors who have standing to object (the criteria for who has standing to object is different depending on the type of objection filed.) Objections could be filed on the following grounds: Legal Rights, Community Objection, Limited Public Interest, String Confusion. ICANN’s Independent Objector may also file a dispute against an applicant.

A total of 69 Legal Rights Objections were filed. Below is a quick snapshot of the current status of the 69 Legal Rights objections that were filed during the Dispute Resolution phase of the ICANN application process for new TLDs.

The table below provides a list of all of the TLDs against which Legal Rights Objections were filed along with the current status of the Legal Rights Objection.

StringApplication IDApplicantObjectorObjection TypeDeterminationDetermination Date
ACADEMY1-1336-51768Half Oaks, LLCAcademy, Ltd., d/b/a Academy Sports + OutdoorsLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41502
BIO1-1000-94806STARTING DOTBiotechnology Industry OrganizationLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41505
BLUE1-868-24255Afilias LimitedBlue Cross and Blue Shield Association ("BCBSA")Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41502
CAM1-1234-83704dot Agency LimitedAC Webconnecting Holding B.V.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41485
CAM1-1255-75865United TLD Holdco Ltd.AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41477
COACH1-1397-64766Koko Island, LLCCoach, Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41500
DIY1-1678-58300Charleston Road Registry Inc.Scripps Networks, LLCLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41498
ECO1-1039-91823Top Level Domain Holdings Limitedplanet.ECO, LLCLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41512
EMERCK1-980-60636Merck KGaAMerck & Co., Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41485
EXPRESS1-1447-46365Sea Sunset, LLCExpress, LLCLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41464
FOOD1-1462-36448Wild Orchard, LLCScripps Networks Interactive, Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41528
FOOD1-1975-66983Dot Food, LLCScripps Networks Interactive, Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41479
GMBH1-1952-21459InterNetWire Web-Development GmbHTLDDOT GmbHLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41477
HOME1-1013-95616.HOME REGISTRY INC.Defender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41479
HOME1-1049-60075DotHome Inc.Defender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41474
HOME1-1139-16944Charleston Road Registry Inc.Defender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41460
HOME1-1326-24627Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.Defender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41475
HOME1-1494-83305Baxter Pike, LLCDefender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41478
HOME1-845-48417Uniregistry, Corp.Defender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41472
HOME1-875-27253Merchant Law Group LLPDefender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41471
HOME1-907-28623Dot Home LLCDefender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41497
HOME1-927-70273Top Level Domain Holdings LimitedDefender Security CompanyLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41494
LIMITED1-1542-96415Big Fest, LLCLimited Stores, LLCLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41470
MAIL1-1141-82929Charleston Road Registry Inc.United States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41480
MAIL1-1316-17384Amazon EU S.à r.l.United States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41473
MAIL1-1548-63140Victor Dale, LLCUnited States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41493
MAIL1-1906-88399WhitePages TLD LLCUnited States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41494
MAIL1-890-53570GMO Registry, Inc.United States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41485
MERCK1-1702-28003Merck Registry Holdings, Inc.Merck KGaALegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41523
MERCK1-1702-73085Merck Registry Holdings, Inc.Merck KGaALegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41523
MERCK1-980-7217Merck KGaAMerck & Co., Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41486
MERCKMSD1-1704-28482MSD Registry Holdings, Inc.Merck KGaALegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41526
MLS1-868-71271Afilias LimitedThe Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41471
MOTO1-1255-15838United TLD Holdco Ltd.Motorola Trademark Holdings LLCLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41494
MUSIC1-1058-25065DotMusic Inc.DotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41512
MUSIC1-1175-68062dot Music LimitedDotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41501
MUSIC1-1316-18029Amazon EU S.à r.l.DotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41507
MUSIC1-1571-12951Victor CrossDotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41501
MUSIC1-1680-18593Charleston Road Registry Inc.DotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41485 LLCDotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41507
MUSIC1-994-99764Entertainment Names Inc.DotMusic LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41501
NOW1-1316-48771Amazon EU S.à r.l.Starbucks (HK) LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41507
NOW1-1575-53902Grand Turn, LLCStarbucks (HK) LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41499
NOW1-2138-10969XYZ.COM LLCStarbucks (HK) LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41495
NOW1-861-67658Global Top Level ApSStarbucks (HK) LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41495 A/SStarbucks (HK) LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41485
PIN1-1317-59644Amazon EU S.à r.l.Pinterest, Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41471
RIGHTATHOME1-1248-60975Johnson Shareholdings, Inc.Right At Home, Inc.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41458
SONG1-1317-53837Amazon EU S.à r.l.DotSong LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41477
TUBE1-1142-5476Charleston Road Registry Inc.Latin American Telecom, LLCLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41484
TUNES1-1317-30761Amazon EU S.à r.l.DotTunes LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41469
VIP1-1037-88001Top Level Domain Holdings LimitedI-Registry Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41507
VIP1-1140-53549Charleston Road Registry Inc.I-Registry Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41485
VIP1-1532-71538John Corner, LLCI-Registry Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41494
VIP1-851-9629Vipspace Enterprises LLCI-Registry Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41459
VIP1-878-22942VIP Registry Pte. Ltd.I-Registry Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41506
YELLOWPAGES1-1676-43685Telstra Corporation LimitedHibu (UK) LimitedLegal RightsApplicant Prevailed41480
ком1-1254-23113VeriSign SarlRegtime Ltd.; Legato Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41509
орг1-910-36696Public Interest RegistryRegtime Ltd.; Legato Ltd.Legal RightsApplicant Prevailed41509
GOO1-1142-62939Charleston Road Registry Inc.NTT Resonant Inc.Legal RightsApplication Withdrawn--
MAIL1-1013-47551Afilias Domains No. 2 Limited,United States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplication Withdrawn--
MAIL1-1256-500201&1 Mail & Media GmbHUnited States Postal ServiceLegal RightsApplication Withdrawn--
GCC1-1936-21010GCCIX WLLThe Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCCLegal RightsDRSP Terminated Proceedings--
AXIS1-1934-72316Saudi Telecom CompanyAxis Communications AB/ Axis ABLegal RightsIn Progress--
ZONE1-1503-89379Outer Falls, LLCAutoZone Parts, Inc.Legal RightsObjection Withdrawn--
DELMONTE1-929-51262Del Monte International GmbHDel Monte CorporationLegal RightsObjector Prevailed41484
DIRECT1-2007-43424Dish DBS CorporationThe DirecTV Group Inc.Legal RightsObjector Prevailed41484
WEIBO1-1313-41040Tencent Holdings LimitedSina CorporationLegal RightsObjector Prevailed41514
微博1-1313-58483Tencent Holdings LimitedSina CorporationLegal RightsObjector Prevailed41514

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