Ninth Round of TLD Approvals Released

May 20, 2013 - ICANN released the ninth round of Top Level Domain (TLD) evaluation results, bringing the total number of TLD applications to pass the Initial Evaluation phase to 341.

In 2012, ICANN accepted applications for new Top Level Domains. Over 1,900 applications for new TLDs such as .WEB, .SHOP, .BMW, and .CAR were filed. ICANN is expected to review all 1,900 applications by August of this year, starting in batches of 30 per week and increasing to over 100 per week.

Below are the applicants that were evaluated in this evaluation round.

dot dog tld
dot mckinsey gtld
dot uno tld
dot sener tld
dot olayangroup namespace (gtld)
dot bbc tld
dot lotte tld
dot surgery gtld
dot jll gtld
dot soy gtld
dot blog tld
dot grocery tld
dot reisen gtld
dot vanguard TLD
dot construction tld
dot analytics tld
dot how gtld
dot versicherung gtld
dot rightathome tld
dot yamaxun gtld
dot news tld
dot land tld
dot theater gtld
dot americanexpress gtld passes ie
dot praxi tld
dot cba tld passes initial evaluation
dot management tld
dot yandex tld
dot hughes tld
dot bmw tld
dot sport tld
dot chrome gtld
dot skydrive tld
dot university tld
dot data tld
dot meo tld
dot scjohnson gtld
dot pharmacy tld
dot ads tld
dot hosting tld
dot systems tld
dot onl tld
dot shangrila tld
dot rugby tld is accepting pre-registration requests for domain names in new Top Level Domains such as .WEB, .SHOP and .SITE. Visit our Top Level Domains page to view search for domains in the Top Level Domains that best suit your business or organization.

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