Seven New TLDs Launch This Week

March 31, 2014 - Seven TLDs are scheduled to launch this week: .Онлайн (Online in Cyrllic), .сайт (Site in Cryllic), .camp, .education, .glass, .repair and .institute.

TLD General Availability Start Date Price Per Year
.Онлайн (Online in Cyrllic) 4/2/2014 104.99
.сайт (Site in Cryllic) 4/2/2014 104.99
.CAMP 4/2/2014 34.99
.EDUCATION 4/2/2014 24.99
.GLASS 4/2/2014 34.99
.INSTITUTE 4/2/2014 24.99
.REPAIR 4/2/2014 34.99

If you have already submitted a free pre-registration, confirm your order today by providing payment. You will receive a full refund for any pre-registrations that do not result in an actual registration. A paid pre-registration request does not guarantee registration. When domains in each new TLD go on sale, Get New TLDs Inc. will attempt to purchase confirmed pre-registrations.

Here's how to confirm your order

  1.  Login to your account at
  2.  Click on the 'My Pre-Registrations'
  3.  Select your domains and click 'Order Domains'.
  4.  Check out using your preferred payment method.

For a full list of scheduled TLD launches, view our launch calendar.

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