Information Architecture and new TLDs

Does your company use more than one URL for external communications? For example, do you have a corporate site, a blog, a facebook page, a twitter page, a microsite, and perhaps even a landing page to advertise a specific product or service? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a cohesive, streamlined naming system across all of these various communications portals?

Using Top Level Domains as the content identifier, your organization can streamline comunications, making it easier for customers to navigate your various portals.

A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the text to the right of the final dot in a domain name. For example, .COM is the most popular Top Level Domain today. Starting in 2014, new Top Level Domains such as .SHOP, .SITE, and .WEB are expected to start coming online. You can't buy domains within these new Top Level Domains yet, but you can pre-register for them at

The TLD as the Content Identifier

Imagine a website at Today, Widgets, Inc. might have a blog at a, a microsite at, and social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.

What if, instead, Widgets were to utilize the .BLOG, .SOCIAL, and .BUZZ Top Level Domains to it identify and separate content in a meaningful way? Widgets, Inc. could then continue to utilize its domain as the main corporate presence online, but instead of purchasing a new URL within the .COM Top Level Domain to house a Widgets blog, Widgets, Inc. could instead purchase Widgets.Blog. Consumers who are already familiar with the website would find it easier to remember Widgets.Blog than some other .com domain name for the Widgets Blog. Following that logic out, Widgets, Inc. could create landing pages or microsites at Widgets.Buzz, links to its social media websites at Widgets.Social, or a news website at Widgets.News.

No more complicated, gimmicy domain names to remember… no more redirects to recollect. The strategic use of Top Level Domains as the content identifier can help you streamline your company’s information architecture and help make it easier for consumers, analysts, and other stakeholders to find information about YOU.

Pre-order for domain names in new Top Level Domains including .buzz, .shop, and .news at


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