First Four TLDs Pass Pre-Delegation Testing

August 26, 2013 - The first four TLD applicants have passed pre-delegation testing. After Pre-delegation testing, these four TLDs are eligible to be added to the root zone. Inc. estimates that it would be four months before domain names within these four new TLDs are sold to the public.

These first four TLDs were part of the historic 2012 application round for new TLDs. In 2012, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, accepted applications for new Top Level Domains (TLDs). Over 1900 applications for new TLDs were filed in ICANN's 2012 application round, including applications for everything from .shop and .red to .AAA and .GAP.

Historically, it has taken most companies about 9 months after the Registry Agreement is signed before domain names go on sale to the general public.  The three companies responsible for the four TLD applicantions all signed Registry agreements in April 2013.

All Four TLDs are IDNs

The first four applicants to sign Registry Agreements and pass Pre-Delgation testing were, not surprisingly Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). That's because ICANN assigned all foreign language script TLDs with the lowest prioritization numbers. ICANN has been evaluating applicants in the order established in a drawing held in December 2012. It was decided that the IDN domain names, that is, the TLDs in foreign language scripts, would be evaluated first so that these would be the first TLDs launched as a result of this application round.

Priority Number IDN TLDTranslationStatus Applicant  
3شبكةArabic for "Web or Network"Registry Agreement SignedInternational Domain Registry Pty. Ltd. View Details>>
6онлайнRussian for "Online"Registry Agreement SignedCore Association View Details>>
58сайтRussian for "Web site"Registry Agreement SignedCore Association View Details>>
61游戏Chinese for "Game"Registry Agreement Signed Spring Fields, LLC (a Donuts company) View Details>>

About the Applicants:

International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd.

International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd., based in Australia, applied for the dot شبكة Top Level Domain. شبكة means Web or Network in Arabic. International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd. only applied for one Top Level Domain.

CORE Association

CORE Association applied for a total of three new Top Level Domains (TLDs). All three of these TLDs have passed the Initial Evaluation phase, and two out of three have signed Registry Agreements

Spring Fields LLC

Spring Fields LLC is wholly owned by Donuts, Inc. Through its various subsidiary companies, Donuts, Inc. applied for more Top Level Domains than any other applicant. Donuts, Inc. created hundreds of subsidiary companies, such as Spring Fields, LLC, and each subsidiary company was the applicant for one TLD. Spring Fields, LLC was the sole applicant for the .游戏 TLD. 游戏 means 'Game' in Chinese.


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