First TLDs to be Recommended for Delegation on April 23, 2013

ICANN has been moving full steam ahead since CEO Fadi Cherhade took the reins last year

For branded TLDs, there will be no “sunrise" period – the brands will simply be able to start using their new TLD for their own purposes – be that a corporate website, internal site, or other purpose, immediately after the ramp-up period is complete.

However, for open registries, the registry is required to hold a sunrise period which traditionally consists of a period of 30 days for trademark holders only followed by a 60 day landrush period, after which public domain sales could start. This means that public sales for such registries could not start earlier than February 2014.

Although Cherhade did not mention in his interview which TLDs will be recommended for delegation, ICANN has been reviewing TLDs in the order which was established was determined by a lottery held by ICANN on December 17, 2012.

The exact timeline for each registry will depend on the applicant – and on ICANN’s response time at each stage of the process.

That is a lot earlier than anyone was expecting. Hats off to Cherhade for moving forward with this complicated process.

Watch the interview with ICANN CEO Fadi Cherhade on ICANN's website.

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