101 TLDs Pass, 9 TLDs Fail

August 30, 2013 - ICANN has released what was intended to be the final round of Initial Evaluation Results, bringing the total number of applications to pass the Initial Evaluation phase to 1,760. Although 29 Applicants still remain in the Initial Evaluation phase - which means that ICANN is still reviewing those 29 applications - it is highly commendable that ICANN has (prettty much) reached its goal of completing the Initial Evaluation phase on time and despite many obstacles.

Once an applicant passes the Initial Evaluation phase, the next step is to complete pre-delegation testing, after which the applicant must sign a contract with ICANN and then request approval for delegation into the Root Zone. It is expected that most applicants will pass pre-delegation testing within 60 days after their application was approved, after which it should take about 30 days to sign a contract with ICANN. Once the ICANN contract is signed, applicants have historcally taken between 6 to 9 months to bring their TLD online.

Below are the applicants that were evaluated in this evaluation round.

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