Pre-Registration Process

The Internet is about to expand. In 2012, ICANN held a historic open application process for new Top Level Domains. (A Top Level Domain is the text to the right of the final "." in a domain name. For example, .COM is the most popular Top Level Domain today.) Over 1,900 applicants applied to create everything from .WEB to .MOVIE.

New Top Level Domains Are Expected in 2014

The ICANN application process is not a short one. Each Top Level Domain applicant must undergo a rigorous application process designed to evaluate the applicant's technical capacity to run a Top Level Domain, financial preparedness, as well as the appropriateness of the applied-for string. An uncontested application may take as long as 6 months to receive ICANN approval, after which the applicant will require 2 months to negotiate and sign a contract with ICANN, and another 7-9 months to build out the distribution network before starting domain name sales. It will therefore be 2014 before the very earliest Top Level Domains begin selling domain names.

New TLDs are Coming

How does Pre-Registration Work?

Pre-registering a new domain name is simple and easy. Once you set up a free account, simply search for names that you are interested in. Add those names to your cart and check out. There is nothing binding about pre-registrations, so you can change your mind and delete names from your account if you decide you're no longer interested in them.

When you pre-register a domain name, it's like creating a shopping list. At this early time, mosts prospective TLD operators have not announced pricing information, and it is also unclear at this point when domain sales for a particular TLD will be available to the general public.

Get New TLDs Inc. will keep your shopping list for you. As each new TLD announces their planned price and lanch date, Get New TLDs Inc. will notify you via email so that you may confirm your order and provide payment information. When domains in each new TLD go on sale, Get New TLDs Inc. will attempt to purchase confirmed pre-registrations. You must confirm your order after pricing and launch dates have been announced for each TLD or Get New TLDs Inc. will not attempt to register your domain names on your behalf.

Get New TLDs Inc. accepts only one pre-registration request per domain name / TLD combination. Get New TLDs is supported by the GoDaddy domain name platform. You may manage your successfully registered domain name at or you may transfer your domain name to the registrar of your choice.

Pre-registration Process

Why Pre-Register? will help you get the domain that you want. will closely monitor the progress of each Top Level Domain application. We will keep you informed as each application is approved or denied. Many applicants, such as .WEB, have not yet announced what their public sales price will be when domain names are offered for sale to the public. GetNewTLDs will contact you to confirm your order once the public sales price is available.



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Five More TLDs Delegated

February 23, 2014 - Five more TLDs have been delegated - or added - to the Internet. The General Availability date for these TLDs has not been announced.

Six TLDs Launch This Week

February 23, 2014 - Six more TLDs are scheduled to launch this week: .sexy, .tattoo, .diamonds, .enterprises, .tips and .voyage.

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February 23, 2014 - releases a launch calendar showing the upcoming launch dates for new TLDs.