There were two companies that applied to create the .Church Top Level Domain (TLD): Holly Fileds, LLC (a Donuts, Inc. Company) and Life Covenant Church, Inc. Each applicant, if awarded approval to operate the dot church TLD, intends to have a slightly different registration and operational policy than the other. Holly Fields, LLC, intends to operate the .Church TLD as an open registry, meaning that domain names within the .Church TLD will be sold to the general public without restriction. Life Covenant Churc, Inc., on the other hand, while it will have a fairly open registration policy does intend to require that all registrants shall agree that they are (a) an organization composed of people with similar religious beliefs (“Churches”), or that they (b) provide products and⁄or services to groups of people with religious beliefs (“Service Providers”).

It is unclear at this time which applicant will gain approval to operate the .Church Top Level Domain. Neither applicant applied as a community-based applicant, therefore, neither applicant has solid footing to claim priority over the other. Get New TLDs Inc. will continue to monitor the ICANN application process and share news as it becomes available. In the meantime, Get New TLDs Inc. will accept pre-registration requests for the .Church Top Level Domain, although, as with all of our pre-registration requests, we cannot guarantee that a pre-registration will result in an actual registration. Pre-register for your domain name in the .Church Top Level Domain today!


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