Puff House, LLC (owned by Donuts Inc. ) has applied to create the .DEGREE Top Level Domain. Imagine a domain name at College.Degree or Weather.Degree. The .DEGREE Top Level Domain is targeted at a broad audience. Puff House, LLC, plans to sell domain names within the .DEGREE Top Level Domain to the general public.

Although Puff House, LLC, in its application for .DEGREE, refers to the word “Degree” as a generic term, the word “Degree” is actually trademarked by Conopco, Inc. for Body Mists (IC 003. US 001 004 006 050 051 052.). The way that the ICANN TLD Application process was designed means that Conopco, as the trademark holder for the word “Degree”, has the standing to object to the creation of a .DEGREE Top Level Domain, even though Body mists are a completely different service which in no way is similar to the services provided by a Top Level Domain Registry. Therefore, Conopco, Inc., could, in theory, prevent the creation of a .DEGREE Top Level Domain. Strangely, Conopco, Inc. as of the date of this writing has not filed an objection against the .DEGREE Top Level Domain.

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