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There were three companies that applied to create the .HOSTING Top Level Domain (TLD), however, each company, if approved, intends to operate the dot hosting TLD as an unrestricted registry, meaning that each company intends to sell domain names within the dot hosting TLD to the general public. It remains to be seen which of the three applicants will gain approval to operate the dot hosting TLD.

Every TLD application has been assigned a Prioritization Number. The Prioritization Number is the order in which a TLD will be evaluated by ICANN. Prioritization numbers start at 1 and go through 1917 at this time. (Applicants who withdraw from the application process are taken out of the prioritization number assignment, and all others move up in the queue, so the total number of prioritization numbers will decrease over time as applicants withdraw their applications.) Dottransfer Inc. was assigned prioritization number 393, while Uniregistry, Corp. was assigned prioritization number 305; however, Trixy Birch, LLC (a Donuts, Inc. company) was assigned prioritization number 997. This means that all three applicants will have to wait until Trixy Birch, LLC has completed the initial evaluation step before the three can proceed forward through the ICANN application process.

The dot hosting TLD is a meaningful TLD and offers hosting services providers the opportunity to associate themselves with a meaningful Top Level Domain. Pre-register for your domain name in the dot hosting TLD today!


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