There were four applicants for the .MED Top Level Domain: Medistry LLC, DocCheck AG, HEXAP SAS, and Charleston Road Registry Inc. (Google). All of these applicants have stated their intention of limiting the availability of .MED domain names to those who meet specific criteria. Get New TLDs Inc will accept pre-registration requests for domain names within the .MED Top Level Domain, however, pre-registration customers may be required to provide proof of eligibility prior to the registration of a .MED domain name.

Medistry LLC intends to make .MED Domain names available only to those who can prove their qualifications to integrate clinical and hospital care with researc h and education. Domain names in .MED will be available via a Request for Proposal process.

DocCheck AG intends to make .MED domain names available only to those who can provide proof of formal or long-standing training and⁄or experience in any field of medicine.

HEXAP SAS intends to make .MED domain names available only to licensed health care professionals.

Charleston Road Registry Inc. (owned by Google Inc.) has also stated its intention of limiting registrations within the .MED Top Level Domain to only those who meet certain criteria, however, Charleston Road Registr Inc. did not include that criteria in its application to ICANN.

Pre-register for your domain name within the .MED Top Level Domain today. Pre-registrations are free and non-binding.


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