Domains within the .MOVIE Top Level Domain could be used to advertise new feature films (eg. TheHungerGames.Movie) or to advertise smaller films for marketing purposes (eg. Ipod4.Movie).

There were eight applications filed from companies wishing to operate the .MOVIE Top Level Domain... including Charleston Road Registry Inc (Google) and Amazon. Some of the applicants, such as dot Movie Limited, have stated their intention of allowing .MOVIE domain names to be sold to the general public, and others, such as the Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd, have stated their intention of only allowing domain names to be purchased by a more limited target audience, such as movie producers and major movie studios, to protect the integrity of ths space.

From an end user perspective, there are benefits to running the .MOVIE Top Level Domain as an open registry and there are benefits to the restricted model. Get New TLDs Inc. will accept pre-registration requests for the .MOVIE Top Level Domain, however, we must warn our customers that should the .MOVIE Top Level Domain be run as a restricted Top Level Domain, we will be unable to fulfill any pre-registration requests.

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