The dot news TLD will soon become an integral part of any good web communications strategy. A domain name within the .NEWS Top Level Domain can help you bring together your organizations’ external communication strategy into one url that is easy to, well communicate, to your target audience. With a domain name in the .NEWS Top Level Domain, analysts, customers, and the general public can easily find information about YOU.

But wait! There’s more. Google has announced its intention of using the Top Level Domain in its internal scoring system to determine whether a given website matches a user’s search. In English, this means that domain names within the .NEWS Top Level Domain could be ranked higher for news related search terms than domain names outside of the .NEWS Top Level Domain, all things being equal.

But before you rush to transfer all of your content to a .NEWS domain name, remember that there are many factors that are taken into account in Google’s search algorithm, so if you already have a well ranked news page, keep in mind that time and external linking to your news page are also factors that should be considered before you jump ship to a .NEWS domain name.

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